About Us

Mt. Pleasant Middle School - Grade 6

In September 2002, Mt. Pleasant opened its doors to greet and house all sixth grade students in the Livingston School District. The reconfiguration of our two district middle schools was the result of over three years of planning by the district Long Range Planning Committee and the Transition Task Force. Seventh and eighth grade students now attend Heritage Middle School. The Mt. Pleasant faculty and staff implemented recommendations resulting from seventeen months of research and planning for "the all-grade-six school." We are happy to report that our first two years have been very successful! We continue to receive numerous accolades regarding our programs and overall school climate from students and their parents. The community's enthusiastic response and overwhelming support is the result of our staff's continuing commitment to tailor our programs to meet the needs of our students.

The middle school model is distinct from other levels of education in that the school is divided into small learning communities called teams. Our middle level teachers are experts in addressing the needs of young adolescents. Research indicates that the team structure improves the quality of the teacher/student relationships and contributes to a greater sense of well-being and emotional support for students. An advisory program enables caring staff to connect with students and to serve as a resource for addressing academic, emotional and social needs. During the advisory/study group period held during the last period of the day, students, teachers, and guidance counselors conduct activities that foster development of appropriate study skills, social and conflict management skills. Children who develop these skills are more likely to experience academic success and enjoy positive peer relationships. A portion of the study group time period is also devoted to students reading self-selected novels and opportunities to seek extra help from their teachers. Our guidance counselors, child study team members, and student assistance counselor work closely with teachers and administrators to design necessary support and intervention strategies to engender success for all students. Teachers and counselors communicate directly with parents to advise them of their children's progress in school.

A Typical Day for a Student on Each Team at Mt. Pleasant Middle School: