MARCH 13, 2003


Welcome to the family and consumer Science page. Mrs. Kane has many years of experience teaching Family and Consumer Science. She has taught in Heritage and Livingston High School, and for the past five years has been at Mt. Pleasant Middle School. She is married with two children, both of them lawyers in New York City. She is an avid tennis player, golfer, and long distance swimmer.


Just a little bit about Family and Consumer Science: The main focus of this course is to prepare individuals to become contributing members of a family structure, the community and society in general. It has its roots in both academic and vocational-technical education, and easily reaches beyond the education system into the community as it focuses on the needs of individuals and families. Basic life skills are emphasized. Conceptual areas include those related to the individual's social, intellectual, physical and emotional development. Life management skills are applied to realistic situations in all conceptual areas: food and nutrition, consumer education, family living and parenthood education, child development and guidance, housing, home management (including resource management), and clothing and textiles. Students prepare for the future by learning to make decisions, solve problems, establish personal goals, communicate effectively, use creative approaches to problems, apply management skills using available resources and by developing a personal sense of self worth. Family and Consumer Ed. students will acquire transferable skills useful in daily life; they will be able to apply these to the everyday activities which will challenge them in the future.

Sixth grade FCS is a required course, which covers a variety of topics to foster independent living skills. It empowers students with the necessary tools they need to become wise decision-makers in all areas of their lives. Students learn to make informed decisions regarding their health, diet, clothing and spending. Students are encouraged to use all available technology to implement their ideas and reach their goals.

Seventh grade FCS is a required course, which focuses on understanding the nutritional contribution of food to good health and how nutrition affects growth, appearance and performance. Personal food patterns are analyzed through the use of the computer. Selecting and preparing nutritious breakfasts and lunches are demonstrated. The study of textile fibers and fabric care are explored. Sequential clothing construction projects are evaluated.

Eighth grade FCS studies the importance of the individual, the family and child development. Students understand the fundamentals of sound nutrition through proper food selection, the ability to prepare nutritious dinner menus and the study of foreign foods by researching ethnic cultures. Shopping for quality garments, comparison shopping, and the science of apparel are developed through creative hands-on experiences. Career exploration through internet activities and other media sources are explored.

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